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This slideshow represents a section of projects I have worked on.  I have excellent references available on request.

This is a portfolio page, and features modern web components. If you want to see this webpage as intended, please use a standards compliant browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

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Commercial-style website featuring custom blocks, Google ads, custom tagcloud, integrated social networking, custom video solutions, and many other features. All site content marked up pixel for pixel from professional photoshop graphic design.
Bryan Treen's photography site features an advanced browse-able gallery with the powerful Gallery2 machine embedded in the drupal framework. It also features some JavaScript image switching in the top menu. Also features the jukebox slider

Featuring lovely graphic artwork, in a theme that incorporates playfulness into commerce. Features jQuery gallery slideshow, and custom product views, as well as rich imagery adornments to the database output.

One of many sites that I worked on full translation of all aspects of a complex site.Also see:

Commercial website, with lots of custom typography and features.

Full reconstruction of a site per artwork, including commerce aspects.


I worked on this team project as a developer and themer. It is a very complex site.

Rich artwork with new dev and theming

Another artfully themed website, pixel for pixel from a psd.

 Commercial site redesign

 Features a separate design for the blog section.  The themekey module allows for a different theme to be loaded depending on url path.

I worked on a team with this site, developing various menu issues and taxonomy

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The best part about drupal is that it can be tailored to your personal needs, and allow you to manage your own site, without a web admin.  You can back up and restore your system, and manage your own content. Learn about the power of Drupal, and how it rocks all types of content here. The special effects on this site are made possible by jQuery, the swooshiest platform on the whole internet. Notice the swooshy lava menu bar up top, and the super swooshy link dock and social networking at the bottom of the pages.. I know, I said 'swooshy' twice. There's more and upcoming in the Gallery section.

Drupal is an exceptional platform for developers and end users. It can be seen in the history of such high-profile websites as Yahoo! Research, Warner Bros main website, Macy Gray, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Amnesty International, Universal Music, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Ubuntu, and the White house. Why are they using drupal? It's simple. Because drupal is scalable, secure, robust, and flexible. The Views 2 module, combined with the Panels module make data presentation and layout entirely flexible. Flash and media types are fully supported, as well as tools for Social Networking, Search Engine Optimisation, secure commerce, and complex permission based user systems.  Open source web is proud to be part of a development team that assesses both the needs of clients, and the needs of the community.

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