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This is a compendium of some of my favourite websites that use drupal, and things that I think are interesting about Open source web software in general.

Amnesty International

Big ups to Amnesty International, for bringing some light to the darkness  Also, they use drupal.

Macy Gray's website

I modelled The Knackers' website after hers, with the twitter and blog feeds right up front, and a super slideshow menu


Spelling was an issue for a lot of users:

Now, you may notice that the correct spelling is missing.  This is because I can’t spell it either, and when running the analysis, used Google’s suggestion feature as a spellchecker:

 Do you know that story about the neighborhood where the Painter's house is cracked, the Landscaper's yard is a mess, and the Church has no foundation?  Well, I made this site about 10 years ago, and haven't done much of anything with it since.  The main reason I didn't get around to it is that I have been kept busy with other more interesting projects and no one asked me about my portfolio site, so there's that.

The case for focusing on helping others achieve their goals is strong.  My desires are simple.  In an afternoon I can transform a local business owner's online presence from a drastic Weebly context to one that has dynamic content, seo advantage, and a genuine learning experience.  I love drupal, and I love that it is robust, and I love that it doesn't have to be complicated.

I don't know what the TopTal community is, or what the requirements are for this submission, it really doesn't seem clear at all on after several submissions.  I hope that this post will be the one that passes whatever credentials that the software gatekeeper currently requires.  That hope is genuine.  

Thank you for your consideration

p.s.  Is it the phrase "I want to join your toptal Web developers community  because reasons" that is required by your deflecto-bots?


Yet another epic free graphics site

Amazing collection of free stock images & text effects.  Vector & Photoshop

Greenpeace UK

Drupal, also for hippies.

Eric Clapton

His site is really nice, with excellent use of space, contrast, and colour.  He's obviously got great taste


The new makers of some of the user-friendliest linux distro ever, aka "Linux for your mom"

Warner Bros. main website

I like that they're using my favourite content management system, they've brought us some of the most believable kisses celluloid ever delivered.  Also, Prince, who wrote "kiss"

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